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Projects Completed




The pump houses were remodeled with the idea of ​​keeping them in better condition and improving their image in Costa Diamante.These are located in common areas B, C, E, F2.

BEFORE:  two old benches and ashtrays, and old tree truck wall.
AFTER:   Installed 3 new tables at beach entrances with 3 new umbrellas. The new table makes that fence look terrible!  We may have to upgrade that!
Added new ground plants on walkways
Acquired 6 new umbrellas and 6 new rollable umbrella stands for the Pool
View of table top and benches and old wood wall, that needs to be upgraded too!
Added new ground plants along vacant lots
Upgraded wall behind the tables and added a foot wash to match pool.  foot washes are complete as of Oct 6, 2017!
Above you will see new Rock Landscaping! Also installed 6 new Dog Waste Stations around the property with waste bags.
Installed 200 grounds solar lights to improve night visibility along paths
Installed additional security Cameras and motion flood lights around the property to enhance security
Acquired 2 new electric quiet scooters for stealthy security surveillance
Hector was able to get Telmex to install brand new doors to all the Telmex access points eliminating dangerous holes!
Started the West Wall by the Guard Shack, need to install the iron panels.  This should complete all bordering walls of Costa Diamante!  Iron panels were installed in 2017.
Scheduled with CFE to resurface and repaint all 21 electrical transformers to look new and increase safety!  This was completed in January 2018 and power was out for less than 4 hours one time!  So everything in your freezer and refrigerator should not have been affected.

We installed a professional volleyball court on the beach on March 19, 2018.  Now we should have a CD Tournament!  We have purchased a few balls that can be checked out with Security in exchange for a drivers license.  The drivers license will be returned upon return of the ball.  We don't want to finance an endless supply of balls.

To the left you will see our new Bocce Ball Court, we just need to install the grass (as of July 2018).  Also the basketball court now doubles as a pickle ball court!  We purchased a net and a set of paddles and balls!  This should be a lot of fun!  Thanks Dan for your input!  To the right you will see our new Costa Diamante Trash cans!  Each home owner will receive one and additional cans can be purchased for $45.50 each.  We have an owner who has stepped up to purchase the blue chemical cans and to donate them in town.  If you would like to donate these, please let Hector know!

If you take a walk around our community you will see beautiful new rock landscaping!   The areas by E and F are getting some long needed attention!  If you have ideas of what you might want in these areas, please email Hector!  Ideas: Community Herb Garden, Hot Tub with Gazebo, Waterfall, Outdoor Exercise Equipment, etc. 

PVC pipe extension Section "G" Beach area 
Every year there’s a rainy season there’s a problem with that. The rainwater gathers in the community flows onto the shore, causing a disaster in both sections D and G.Which was chosen to extend the PVC pipes so it would close to the water outlet to the shore. This method resulted in outstanding measures. As shown in the pictures.
PVC pipe extension Section "D" Beach area 

Projects in Progress

The Bricks or pavers composing the streets of Costa Diamante were in the process of being recycled (turned over) for an inexpensive facelift that will last another 10 years.  This project is becoming more expensive each time we look at how to improve it.  Our men turned over the bricks or pavers in one section and we did not like the way it looked.  Hector applied a liquid similar to an impregnator and this makes the pavers look much better, but the cost is very high to apply to all of the road and does not fix the worn out pavers.  This particular paver is no longer made so we cannot simply just buy a few and replace where we need them.   Also, we think the waste truck who remove our garbage drops lots of oil on our pavers and we are seeing lots of oil spots throughout our community.   If anyone has any connections to brick/paver manufactures who can make this size for us, that would be ideal.  Please email Hector.
working on submerging pipes and watering tubing -Completed as of April 2018

We learned about a valve issue for each home.  Each home has a water valve that is approximately 9 years old.  Each valve needs to be replaced.  Currently, we were replacing them as they break.  We now are looking at the overall cost, time and plan to replace systematically with minimal traffic affected. More to come.  So far only 5 have been replaced, we have approximately 60 more to go!  This needs to work in concert with the paver flip.

Add New Flowers

                              Other projects in progress:  

Bocce Ball Court installed by the basket ball court -Completed July 2018

4 Date Palms installed at main entrance - Negotiating better price.

Ashtrays installed at beach entrances.  Have them just need to secure them!  Completed June 2018

Planters installed around some existing palm trees to match curved walls at beach entrances around the community. 

More Rock installed in areas that are sparse with design. In progress now as of July 2018!

Flowers annuals and perennials installed throughout community

Install underground watering system with timers to manage water.  New Timers just delivered June 2018!

Working on proposals for General Assembly approval, based on home owner input.  If there are other ideas you have that we should be working on, please let your Board know.  You can email Gina at



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