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News of the month

2019-2020 Board Members

John Brooks - President

Ricardo Aguilera- Vice President

Gina Gallegos - Treasurer

Candi Pascoe - Secretary 

Jason Haehn-Member Liaison

Please note that we have had many people taking bottles/glass to the pool and hot tub.  If 1 bottle breaks in the pool or the hot tub, you will be charged the fee to clean it.  Please let your guests know to avoid this avoidable fee.

Internet Update:  The current internet provided via wifi is provided as a "best effort".  If you require Internet Services please contact TELMEX directly at:

Juan de la Barrera 54, Colonia Centro, 83550 Puerto Peñasco Son., Mexico.

Phone:  638 383 5388 01 800 123 0000


Dear homeowners,

We thank everyone for their valuable cooperation of the donation of trash cans(blue barrels) which were donated for the people in this city.

Estimados propietarios,

agradecemos a todos por su valiosa cooperación en la donación de los botes de basura       ( azules) los cuales fueron donados a ciudadanos de esta ciudad.

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