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The Jewel of Sandy Beach

Welcome to Costa Diamante

Diamond Coast - The best single family home development not only in Sandy Beach but in Puerto Peñasco. Founded in 1997, Costa Diamante has a unique and distinct status as the most desirable single family home development in Puerto Peñasco, our future is built on a stable foundation for investing or enjoying as your sea side paradise.

Set in the beachfront acreage in the pristine area of Sandy Beach, Costa Diamante is comprised of 112 lots and eight common areas with lush landscape.  Every property has a permanent view of the ocean. The development has underground utilities, paved streets, regular trash pick-up, 24 hour security and full time maintenance employees for landscape and street conservation.

2008, Costa Diamante property owners formed the Homeowner’s Association, “Administradora del Condominio CD A.C.”

2010  the HOA installed lush new  palm trees and bushes and colorful ground cover and landscaped the common areas  now mature and beautiful!  

Costa Diamante has enjoyed growth in values of the homes and lots (some are for sale now) and continues to realize this gain even more now in this strong economic market.  Costa Diamante is still THE best kept secret on Sandy Beach!


 Costa Diamante and its management authority, the Homeowner’s Association (“Administradora del Condominio CD A.C.”), in concept and in reality, serve to provide a secure, safe, clean and hospitable environment; to enrich your time spent here; whether you live here or just visit for a day or a month or a year, it should feel like you are home. To that extent and for the specific effect, to preserve or improve the quality of living and the value of its properties within the boundaries of Costa Diamante and the city of Puerto Peñasco.

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